How Crane Service Marketing Works in 2023

To sales managers, general managers, and marketing managers of crane companies! As we dive into 2023, it's crucial to recognize the shifting landscape of marketing and seize the opportunities it presents. In this blog post, we will unveil the power of crane service marketing and explain how giving us access to your Google My Business, website, and analytics can unlock unprecedented growth for your business. Let's explore how harnessing SEO strategies, digital targeting, and website optimization can increase phone calls from warm leads actively searching for your services, or from a list of leads of your ideal companies you want to work with can help save time and energy for your sales teams.

How we compare to other marketing options.

The Problem:

Traditional marketing tactics and social media presence often fail to capture warm leads effectively. Many crane companies allocate their time and resources into outdated strategies, missing out on the potential of targeted digital marketing. This leaves them struggling to generate quality leads and failing to reach their full market potential.

A few of the challenges thus far is either:

  • You don't see the value in increasing your web presence since your in house team has it covered.
  • Your marketing manager hired a 3rd party to manage the operations since they are spread thin.
  • You prefer to increase your social media presence instead.
  • Your are too busy to care right now but prioritize it when it is slow.

We are here to guide you towards a more successful approach.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Before allocating any ads spend or improvements to your social media or web presence - it is important to define your goal. In 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc. Here are some examples questions.

  • Which types of customers brought you the most revenue and how can we find more of them?
  • Which markets or industries have you not captured yet?
  • Which types of jobs do you want to receive to ensure specific cranes are booked?

Step 2: Setup Tracking

After you define your goals, have your marketing manager or IT manager setup proper tracking to view where calls, form submissions and activity originate. Common sources we use are:

  • Google my business
  • Organic
  • Google ads
  • Facebook (if you have a profile)
  • any other listings

That way you are able to see where your leads are calling from to scale what is working.

Here is an example of tracking calls.

Step 3: Provide Us Access

To get started, onboarding is straightforward with needing access to the following:

  • Website to understand its strengths and weaknesses for SEO techniques that align with your ideal customer's search behavior.
  • Google My Business access which can optimize your online presence and position your crane company prominently in local search results. This translates into increased visibility and higher phone call volumes from customers actively seeking your services.
  • Analytics allows us to analyze your current performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies.
  • CRM software you use to generate specific email blasts, newsletters or text blasts.

The Benefits of Crane Service Marketing

Each city has its own unique search demand for customers typing in "crane services" on Google and we use softwares that provide how many searches a month & what they are typing.

1. Increase phone calls

SEO strategies and digital targeting helps you connect with warm leads actively searching for your services. With improved visibility on search engine results pages and optimized Google My Business listings, your phone will ring with high-intent prospects, increasing your conversion rates and ultimately boosting revenue. Then you have another customer contact that will provide you with more work in the future.

2. Own your market

With increasing calls means you are outranking your competitors online. This is a big competitive advantage to capture leads that need immediate rentals, emergency services or bids to be placed in the near future. Your online presence casts a net so this diversifies your customer base.

3. Increase profits

With more phone calls increases the chances of you winning jobs. This means you have won a customer and the chances of them calling you agin increase. Not to mention you won free advertising since your crane will be on the job site. So when potential customers pass by and see your crane you just increased organic marketing. Not to mention when you provide excellent service that contractor refers you to their network.


In 2023, crane service marketing presents an incredible opportunity to dominate the market and capture warm leads. By granting us access to your Google My Business, website, and analytics, we can unlock unprecedented growth for your business. Our tailored SEO strategies, digital targeting, and website optimization will attract warm leads actively searching for your services and increase phone calls. Leave behind outdated marketing tactics and social media distractions. Embrace the power of crane service marketing, tailored to your goals, and watch your crane company excel.

3 ways we can help.

  1. We can provide a free audit.
  2. Provide you with a free marketing plan.
  3. We provide a 2 month trial to see if this is a good fit for you.