How A Web Presence Can Win Your Market Share

Most crane services are extremely behind on their web presence. Why? Because crane service is dominated by the dynamic of sales reps to stimulate marketing and sales. It's traditional.

The downside is your sales reps can't be everywhere all at once without needing to take breaks or sleep.

This is where a web presence comes in to be your online sales rep.

To all Sales Managers, General Managers and Marketing Managers - please make sure your web presence is up to date and generates leads. Otherwise if you are not tracking this, it is possible you are missing opportunities to win your market.

34 Leads in 2 Months - Case Study

A good online presence means you will increase your visibility, reach the right audience and receive calls without having to hire reps or drive around. This is done through:

  • Google my business optimization.
  • Organic headline setup and SEO.
  • Strategic Google Ad placements.

The Problem

We connected with a crane company who was facing a lack of visibility, inconsistency with leads and afraid of losing their market share.. We listened to their frustrations and asked what goals they had in mind.

"We want to work with more HVAC companies and get more jobs in general."

We created a 2 month trial together, here's what happened.

April - June
84 new 1st time callers
34 qualified leads & quoted jobs
15 missed calls

Types of leads

  • Tow/Transportation
  • General Crane Inquiry
  • Tree Removal
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Truss Lift
  • Tank Lift
  • Container
  • HVAC
  • Pergola
  • Cool Tower
  • Building Lift
  • Electrical Pole

These leads are all through utilizing Google. Which means people that were searching for a crane company online called in.

Image of call summary software we use to track all leads.

We also track form submissions and this is critical because contractors do submit job information for bids or to get quotes where jobs are scheduled a few days out. Having clear call to actions also increases leads to contact you as this removes friction for your customer's experience.

The Result

After we improved their online web presence and placed strategic ads - we began capturing the online demand for crane services in their market. They are now building relationships with these new customers and will win more jobs from them in the future.

In Summary

Crane service marketing is an effective way to increase your market share, win more lifelong customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Are you ready to own your market?

3 ways we can help.

  1. We can provide a free audit.
  2. Provide you with a free marketing plan.
  3. We provide a 2 month trial to see if this is a good fit for you.