The Problem with Google Ad Accounts.

How many qualified leads would you like to receive a month?

Most crane services use Google ads and mismanage the account structure which leads to wasteful spend, missed leads, and limited growth.

This can lead to a frustrating experience by pouring resources into marketing efforts that yield no results. Picture your competitors taking a larger share of the market while you struggle to gain traction. The fear of falling behind and missing out on valuable opportunities can be overwhelming.

To all Sales Managers, General Managers and Marketing Managers
Please make sure your 3rd party or in house team is tracking Google Ads. Otherwise you are simply wasting your budget since you're unaware of what is working & what isn't.

28 Leads in 1 Month - Case Study

This is a snap shot of 1 month's time, technically 3 weeks. Their account was setup correctly, the issue was the mismanagement.

  • Wrong keywords = bad leads
  • Wrong territory = wasteful spend
  • No tracking = no clue where spend is going
Data from our call tracking software. All quals are vetted and marked qualified (if the call was answered and quoted) & unqualified (no answer, spam or customer was a bad lead.)

Google Ads Works For You

Google Ads when setup properly, finds your ideal contractors who are already on the market, they just haven't found you yet. Some of the other benefits are:

  • Staying on top of local market demands and trends.
  • Finding immediate rental needs or jobs in advance.
  • Builds your customer base.

Oh and by the way majority of crane companies are not using this strategy to own their market share.

What's holding you back?

“We've already got that covered.” or "We have a in house marketing team."

Is usually what we hear. Sadly after we research their market, their web presence is behind. This is meant to be collaborative. Change can be scary, especially for something not widely understood. Traditional marketing for crane services has been word of mouth or hire a sales rep. These are great and best performing tactics to use. I mean they got you this far right? Out point is to simply bring new technology and strategies to a traditional industry.

3 ways we can help.

  1. We can provide a free audit.
  2. Provide you with a free marketing plan.
  3. We provide a 2 month trial to see if this is a good fit for you.